Lead Out Cycling is a cycle coaching and fitness group based in Melbourne. If you’re keen on cycling and looking for a safe, fun group to ride with, Lead Out is for you. Our rides and coaching style caters to all cycling levels.

Whether you’re a beginner, you’ve been cycling for a while, or if you’re advanced and need help with a training program, Lead Out can get you sorted.

Our group rides are held every Tuesday and Thursday morning and offer you a chance to learn new skills, stay fit and meet good people (who like coffee). We help you stay motivated to get out on your bike in a safe environment, and we make it fun. In other words, cycling is our jam.

Interested in the type of training we do? Here's a sample of a typical Lead Out Cycling group program



At Lead Out Cycling we’re passionate about cycling and believe it’s one of the best forms of exercise, travel, stress release and socialisation!
This belief drove our passion to begin a coaching company that ensures that cycling is accessible to anyone. Be it the criterium racer aiming to move up a grade in the local club races, or to those who have just started cycling and are looking to improve their skills and fitness on the bike.



Group ride fees per month

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Membership gives you:
•Initial consultation
•Access to 2 group rides per week
•Periodised training program incorporating our group rides
•Details of what your weekly session will comprise



Membership gives you:
•Access to 1 group ride per week
•Periodised training program incorporating our group rides
•Details of what your weekly session will comprise


I joined Lead Out years ago when I was a complete novice cyclist - I couldn't clip in/out and was petrified of riding on the road and had no idea how to ride in a group (the thought of which was petrifying). They were nothing short of amazing in nurturing me from this to being a confident cyclist who loves nothing more than being on her bike. And whilst I'm no longer that novice cyclist I still ride with Lead Out, as they tailor their offering to suit the individual, and every type of cyclist - from the new through to the fit cyclist who's been riding for years and years. For me they've supported me at every moment my cycling (and life) has evolved - from the novice, through to being pretty fit and racing, through to injury and a long time off the bike, back to fit and champing at the bit for new challenges. And amongst all this I've made amazing friends and drank lots of coffee!





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